Visalia Medical Clinic’s Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center offers a variety of therapies such as individual therapy, rehabilitation and sports therapy and an industrial program aimed at injury prevention on the job and the rehabilitation of workers.

Individual Therapy
Our team of physical therapists develops custom programs to meet individual
patient needs for the following:

Spine Rehabilitation
We specialize in neck, mid and lower back pain caused by motor vehicles accidents, lifting injuries, postural dysfunctions, or generalized weakness.  Your therapy is focused on relieving pain, patient education, and core strengthening which stabilizes the spine and surrounding areas of weakness.  

Anodyne® Therapy
Our team of physical therapists utilizes the Anodyne® Therapy System to help our patients experience less pain. Anodyne® Therapy uses an infrared laser therapy device that can be applied directly to the skin to treat the following:

Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy
In our state-of-the-art exercise gym, we offer custom programs to help get you on the road to recovery. Programs include:

Industrial Rehabilitation Program
Our comprehensive acute care program is designed to help injured workers return to normal function as soon as possible. Treatment appointments are available before or after work, reducing lost time from work.


This program is to help employers hire the right employee for the job utilizing pre-employment screening.  We perform functional capacity evaluations to help injured workers return to their jobs earlier.  Functional capacity evaluations also help the employer determine the extent of their employee’s injuries.

To make an appointment, call 559-739-2010.

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